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PocketGuard icon with screenshots

Apps and podcasts we love: PocketGuard

This money management app will help you get a handle on your expenses.
piggy bank

14 ways to build better money habits today

Easy ways to stop spending all your money.
Male student carrying books

How to pay for school when you can’t

Rate this article and enter to winPaying for college sure can induce a sense-of-humor failure. But at Student Health 101 we had to find an upside, so here it is: The cost of higher...
man on the phone holding credit card

Does your spending need a reality check?: How to budget better

Rate this article and enter to winDo you know where all your money is going? If you answered “no,” you’re typical of your peers. Almost all of us would much rather drink the latte...
Woman checking credit on computer

Take charge of your credit: What it means and how to make it stronger

Rate this article and enter to winIt’s never too late to start building or improving your credit. Whether you have good credit, are looking for ways to improve it, or have no idea what...
stack of credit cards

The beginner’s guide to budgeting

Rate this article and enter to winOne of the great things about beginning a new term or academic year is that it’s much like New Year’s-you get the chance for a fresh start. That’s...