April 11 – National Alcohol Screening Day

Girl asleep with beer mug

National Alcohol Screening Day and Collin College’s KNOW NOW program bring attention to the critical needs of those with alcohol and other substance use disorders. Online screenings are an effective first step in substance use disorder intervention.  Similar to other illnesses, early intervention can significantly increase recovery.

Counseling Services provides anonymous alcohol and other substance use screenings at http://screening.mentalhealthscreening.org/WHOLEPERSON

KNOW NOW educates Collin College students about substance use and abuse, helps them to make positive choices for their future and encourages the use of campus and community resources for support.  If you or someone you know might have a substance abuse issue, KNOW NOW can help.

KNOW NOW is presenting:

“What’s in a Bottle? Drug Use Trends” 

A leading expert in the community will share the latest in drug trends including fraud, counterfeit, expired and adulterated medications.

Tuesday, April 2,  1 p.m. – 2 p.m.

Frisco Campus, L135

Presented by: Malini Ghoshal, RPH MS, President of Inspirra Healthcare

Source: mentalhealthscreening.org, Collin College’s KNOW NOW

 For more information contact Counseling Services – 972-881-5126 or email: [email protected]